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Postcards 1947-1949
Willow Run
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Willow Run, Michigan factory where KF built cars. At the time the largest building under one roof in the world.
47 Frazer
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Bathing beauties 1947 style with 47 Frazer.
47 Kaiser
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Lady visits with neighbors in their 1947 Kaiser.
47 Kaiser
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This card lists specifications for the 1947 Kaiser.
47 Frazer
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Couple admire 1947 Frazer.
Willow Cottage Ext.
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Exterior shot of Willow Cottage.
Willow Cottage Int.
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Interior shot of Willow Cottage.
48 Frazer Manhattan
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1948 Frazer Manhattan--America's newest fine car.
49 Frazer Manhattan
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Lady with 1949 Frazer Manhattan in drive at Willow Cottage.
49 Frazer Manhattan
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1949 Frazer Manhattan in residential setting.
49 Kaiser Conv.
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1949 Kaiser convertible--the color is Indian Ceramic.
49 Kaiser Deluxe
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1949 Kaiser DeLuxe--the chrome tag on the fender spells out the color.

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