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Custom Styling!
mailing envelope
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Here's an item that is difficult to find! I have never seen one before I found this one - and this one is in the original mailing envelope with address to a lady who evidently worked at a radio station. The ad that had it listed described it as "small folder, Custom Styling, with factory letter and mailer." Note the postmark date is December 16, 1947 and it was mailed from Ypsilanti, Michigan.
This is the factory letter that accompanied the folder. I wonder how names were selected for the mailing? Was Betty Stevens selected because she was a "radio personality" or for some other reason. Does anyone else have one of these folders still in the factory envelope? factory letter
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compact closed
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Here's the "small color folder" - it's in the shape of a ladie's compact.
This shows the compact opened to reveal the "powder puff." Custom styling for fashion alert women! compact open
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compact fully open
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Here's the compact after the "powder puff" is turned back. Note the title of the newly revealed text - "Compact Information on custom styling." This item was evidently part of the "Fashion Series" which was designed to attract women as buyers of Kaisers and Frazers or to at least encourage them to steer their husbands to KF. A series of ads in women's magazines each featured a well-known fashion designer who plugged KF - the 14 ads ran during 1947-48. A very elegant booklet was produced that reproduced each of the ads - these are also hard to find!
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