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Part I

The 2000 Convention was held in Burlington, VT at the same facility at which the 1982 meet was held--the facility has undergone a facelift (and probably so have a lot of the partitcipants)! The weather was relatively cool for a change and even with all the politicing about the proposed constitution and bylaws, a good time was had by all. I did not get to all the events and so we will have to await the official report to be published in the Spring Quarterly to get the full story of the convention. Two events in particular that should be in the more complete report are the lake cruise and dinner and the trips to Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Factory.

Char Charlotte Dayton and a hard-working crew assured a good time was provided for all participants.

This is the dash plaque design. They were provided with a magnetic back for sticking to the frige or the car dash. Note mine is already on the frige. Dash Plaque

Vendors Some of the vendors--that's Aden Crowell from Vermont in the chair, then Fred Walker from Colorado sitting in the trunk of the Dragon, and Rudy Phillips from California behind the fender of the second Dragon.

Seth Jones from Oregon is one of the youngest member vendors in the club. He was elected to the Manufacturing Fund. Seth Jones

Art Griffin Art Griffin was set up on the lot with some items from the Manufacturing Fund. He was looking for ideas for items to be produced for club members.

Curt and Jane Bonser arranged for the internet Chat Group to get together for dinner. We attracted quite a few "lurkers" and several "computer challenged" to the gathering! Bonsers

Chat Group A part of the crowd in attendance at the Chat Group dinner.

These "wooden nickle" pinbacks were passed out at the Chat Group dinner and at the Darrin Luncheon. Look for them on ebay as works of art--I grabbed a couple extra! Pin Backs
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