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Part II

Tom Turner Tom Turner is one of the stalwarts on the Chat Group. He refers to himself as "CRS" and you can ask him to translate if need be.

This is an example of the pedal car based on the Darrin. These are being sold with any net going into the Darrin Roster fund. Jim Lape is handling this project. Pedal Car

Banquet This is part of the Texas contingent at the Banquet.

Char arranged for this buffalo to be displayed on judging day. A few in the crowd conjectured it was really a "beefalo" but short of running a barbque contest no one could decide for sure! buffalo

Buchinger Award The Buchinger Award was presented to Dick Bailey for his Gold Award winning 1953 Dragon.

Doug Marr from Connecticut was presented the Judges' Choice Award for his 1953 Kaiser Carolina. The car scored 193 points (Gold). Judges' Choice

People's Choice David Dunn from Ontario was presented the People's Choice Award for his 1953 Henry J which scored 191 points (Gold).

Near end of awards presentation on Friday some are probably thinking of how far they are from home. That's Tom Stradt in front from Texas and Mac Wells from Washington--both facing a long trip home. Tom and Mac
Someone else facing a long trip home. Rick Kamen brought his daughter to the meet and she was a real trooper while managing to sit (crawl?) through both the Board meeting and the Business meeting. Her battery does finally appear to be about discharged in this picture taken near the end of awards presentation on Friday. Perhaps she will inherit Rick's Aero someday? Rose
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