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Club Historian

In the early days of the Kaiser-Frazer Owners Club, it was decided that it would be a good idea to have a historical department. Someplace, someone, some source was needed to address the questions people had about restoration of cars, company history, etc. That person would be the Club Historian. Only two people have held the Club Historian title. Bill Tilden handled the post for many years. At the 1991 National Convention Jack Mueller was appointed to the post.

Henry J. Kaiser

Since joining the club in 1975, Jack has gathered a broad-based archive of things Kaiser-Frazer. Some are small...postcards, matchbooks from various K-F and Willys dealerships, and identification tags from Kaiser-Frazer dealers across the country. Others are not so actual Kaiser-Frazer dealer sign, a 5-foot diameter Kaiser-Frazer service sign, and showroom banners or posters. In between, is found sales literature, confidential bulletins, service bulletins, parts books, service manuals...the list goes on and on. Some items are strictly "for show" and display. Others make up an information base used to write articles, and answer questions that are submitted.

There is no charge for researching inquiries, but they should be limited to K-F related topics. If there is something more or less specific you are looking for, please let him know. Already there have been letters like "What can you tell me about the history of Kaiser-Frazer," and "Please tell me the correct color, trim, etc for my car." The first request is far too general and the latter request, while reasonable, was not possible as no numbers from the body tag, no serial number, etc, were supplied with the letter. The more information you can supply, the better he can answer your questions. He has no information on where specific K-F products were sold-- either who the selling dealer was or the original owner. While K-F originally kept such records, evidently nobody bothered to save them in the 1960's when a lot of old paperwork went into the trash.

Joseph W. Frazer

If you are asking about a specific year/make/model of car, his reply may indicate that other pages of documentation could be available for a slight cost. A lot of his archive documents can be supplied to people on a photocopy basis. The standard rate is 15 cents a page, with a minimum of 6 this rate, he barely breaks even.

Please don't ask questions such as "where can I get a such-and-such for my car" or things like "what's the best paint to use" or "how do I remove/clean/repair this part." Jack does not want to put in the position or recommending one parts vendor over another and he is not a master mechanic or body repair person.

Jack can be reached by mail at: Jack Mueller, 6415 Bridge Road Apt 104, Madison, WI 53713. Be sure to include a stamped self addressed envelope for his reply. He can be reached by email as well.


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